In early 2000,we, CSIKI LASZLO and IMRE ANDRAS, as administrators, we have established in Târgu-Mureş the undertaker and funeral services "Apusul" srl. to cover a segment almost nonexistent at the time that is full services. When we established, we had behind us decades of experience in services and public service, so that in very short time our funeral service society reached the first places in the city`s top and even in Mures county.

Always having a young and experienced team in the field, with promptitude, honesty and and impeccable services our company became known in short time both in country and abroad. During the time we reached a broad experience in the field of FUNERAL SERVICES forestalling a large clientele.

At present our company has 4 performant vehicles VW for internal and international transport, as well as a limousine MERCEDES, for special transports which requires attention and respect. We have experienced drivers, and over the years we made many international transports, from and in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Moldova, and even Turkey, the belonged of the dead people had only words of eulogy and thanks.

Our goal, which is the assurance of complete services and we can now cover every branch of funeral services: international and internal transport, coffins merchandising and accessories of all kinds, dressing-embalmment and cosmetic of the deceades, interment and resurrection, whreats, garland of flowers and flower bouquets, providing bakery products and also the subcontractory of one's last resting places.

We became remarked and appreciated both through the quality of services and by the multitude of benefits offered free to Targu Mures city and to neighboring villages, to poor persons of this lands. We must specify that since 2003 we have a contract with all the hospitals and clinics of the city and we free transport deceased persons to IML morgue, respectively Pathology laboratory for autopsy. The ideea belonged to us and it came when the ambulance and rescue car, which transported the deceased, was out of order and the post was abolished for lack of funds. We helped many people, belonged of deceased persons from various Mures hospitals, through the promptitude of transport provided, by solving many papers and signatures that appear impossible to obtain quickly because of the bureaucracy thicket which sadly still persists everywhere. The belonged of the dead people should know that they may contact us at any time by phone 0745606215 and 0745606269 for any moral and material support, the employees of our company can prepare speedy and reasonable resolution of all impediments and formalities necessary for the transport issue to the one's last resting place.

We always have a wide range of coffins in our stock to satisfy all tastes and demands of our costumers. Our internal contracts and the external ones are directly with producers with a reputation in the field, without intermediaries, and we can therefore ensure the best prices on the market.

As to coffin accessories we provide a wide range of gaskets, various screws, crucifix, handles, decorations and upholstery, collaborating with many companies in the field for a wide variety of products.

The wreaths, garland of flowers, floral arrangements and coffin ornaments made by our company at prices without competition made us to reach and remain on the first place in the neighborhoods at this chapter. We are appreciated for the beauty and the variety of the floral arrangements, in wich we put much soul, and in the city the crowns made by us are well-known and named "Apusul" type.

Our company has employees and collaborators for funeral services and burial. We can assure permanently, in any time of the year digging, covering over and arranging, gathering relics in order to obtain additional space in the tomb; we are in great demand even though until here they appealed to another company of funeral services. We specify that our company is committed to funeral services and burial only in the cemeteries where there are not people hired to dig the grave ,for not doing unfair competition. For a burial without unpleasant events, without gravediggers dizzy of alcohol, you can ask with confidence for our services, we ensure professionalism.

We can help you to obtain permits from SANEPID and other competent bodies, needed for exhumation and the transport of the relics to other cities or countries, and also the approval of transport for incineration in Bucharest or abroad.

We have an agreement with a well-known bakery in the city and we provide you at the producer prize all items required for traditional funerals after Orthodox or Greco-Catholic communion-namely: knot-shaped bread for church banner requiem, charities, crosses, ladders, japaneses, sponge cake and bread. The order is made at head office and on the funeral day all the bakery, packed after European standards of hygiene is transported to cemeteries in question, taking off the mouning family`s shoulder an another load .

During the time we received many requests from loyal customers and we considered appropriate the construction of a cold room for keeping death a longer time, giving time to clarify the day of the funeral or the arrival of the relatives from a long distance. It is known that in our country very few cemeteries have chapel rooms equipped with refrigerators, some not even having air conditioning and in summer, at temperatures higher than 30 degrees keeping the deceased a long time became an impossible task. Even a professional embalmment performed immediately after death can not help much with time. Our chilling room has 4 compartments and allows deaths preservation in optimal conditions at a temperature of 0 degrees for a long time without problems. For those who are further away from town and can not bring the deceased to the chilling room, or simply wish the virgil of the deceased at home, our company provides mini coolers, mobile refrigerators that are installed on the coffin and cold the body to temperatures of even - 10 degrees. These mobile refrigerators are new, imported from Italy at ISO 9002 standards with a minimum consumption of power and not polluting the environment.

In the last decade in our society have signed up as members a large number of pensioner persons who have to pay a small tax yearly. The families of those persons will benefit in case of a decease of a member of multiple facilities and discounts up to 30 % , near the payed tax, gathered during the years. By 2009 we want to welcome among our members people who are retirement and will not receive aid for the funeral from County House of Pensions. For this we set up a relief fund that will be funded from the annual fees, donations and sponsorships, and from a percentage of company profits.

"Apusul" society can be proud to have been first in Targu-Mures and default in the county who had the idea to work with the County Pension House after it was established funeral aid provided to pensioners. This means that we borrow and credit mourner family with all the necessary for Christianly funerals ( coffin, dressing, embalming, crowns, sheaf, transport, bakery, digging holes, etc..) until the receiving of the aid offered by County House of Pensions, aid worthing 1702 lei. Our company deals with resolving even death certificate issued by municipalities and the preparation and delivery of documents at the House of Pensions. More than 90% of our costumers calls in this way our services, they should not touch their savings having to be paid to us only difference that goes beyond support for House of Pensions. We underline the fact that if the total sum of our services does not exceed the help given by the state the resulting money is returned immediately. The idea of working together with the House of Pensions was taken then by all the competitors in the field, but this did not disturbed us at first, but with time we became proud of this original idea and that other funeral firms, even in other areas of the country can help people when they need help.

With time news about our achievements, promptness, fairness and honor of our employees reached neighboring countries and even Western proof the large number of applications and international shipments made during the 10 years of existence. Many families set permanently abroad turn to us for the relics of parents or their loved ones, which are resting in Romania to reach the localities of current residence. On request we also offer complete services from resurrection, storage and transport to solve all necessary approvals and advice both internally and internationally.

With confidence that this site will be made available to help clarify many questions and uncertainties we appreciate your trust and hope to use our services to share the weights of your shoulders as you push the heavy loss of loved ones .If in the suffering time we can only be with you, the worries and problems which came with the death of a loved person allow us to take care of this problem with professionalism and fairness.

You can call any time at no. 0265-263865, 0745-606215, 0745-606269 from January 1. Time 00.00 until December 31. 24.00

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